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About Our Free HSC Lectures

The ATAR Notes lectures helped tens of thousands of students in 2019 - We are ready to do the same in 2020. For the very first time, we're offering lectures for both Year 11 AND Year 12 subjects. Whatever lecture you attend, it will set you up for 2020 success and give you an advantage over other students. Every lecture will give you:   - An early start on Term 1 2020 content, with an overview of important content and a head start into tricky areas - The top tips, tricks and advice from our team of incredible lecturers, including state rankers and 99+ ATAR scorers! - The chance to pick the brain of someone who has been in your shoes and see how they approached their studies! Of course, every single lecture is also totally free! Lectures run from January 13-17, hosted at and by UTS and Macquarie University. Places will fill FAST, so don't delay! You can book for as many lectures as you like - Make sure your friends do the same!

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